Monday, December 30, 2013

The Little Blessings

Christmas definitely made this week a little bit nuts. Especially with being in a new area and trying to learn all the streets and members while everyone is gone on vacation. But Christmas couldn't have come at a better time. It was such a blessing to be able to talk to my family via Skype and see how well they are all doing - it was also reassuring to see our family room still intact (you never know with my brothers). Since the Mission President told us to just enjoy our Christmas Day, I felt a little lost not doing missionary work all day. We finally figured out what to do with ourselves right before it was curfew though.
Sisters Armstrong, Garzand, and I were given the best after Christmas present though the following day. Since almost no one was receptive when we were tracting, we tried calling some members to see if we could visit anyone. Finally, after calling countless people, the Friday family said we were more than welcome to come to their home and share a Christmas message.
Right after we sat down, Brother Friday asked that we teach a Plan of Salvation lesson. Needless to say, we were a little thrown because we were just expecting to share a scripture and go. But we weren't about to turn down a chance to teach a lesson! When we began to teach about our life before we came here, the Spirit came into the room so strong. Chills ran down my spine, even though it wasn't cold in the room. The two teenage granddaughters began to cry and all of a sudden, a voice came into my head telling me that most of the family weren't members of the Church.
As the lesson went on, the Spirit got stronger and stronger. It was just eminating through and it seemed as if there was a light in the room that had no source. By the time we ended the lesson, there wasn't a dry eye to be found.
I felt heavily impressed to offer copies of the Book of Mormon to anyone who wanted one... And... no one took one. Yet, as we walked away, I deftly left some pass-along cards in the hands of Brother Friday to give to his family. I'm confident that one day, his whole family will convert to the gospel - maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But some day!
The best part of the week was on Saturday for I had my very first baptism!!!! His name is Josh and the other sisters had been teaching him for awhile before I came but I had the chance to teach him almost all of the Commandements. I felt so happy and blessed to see this young man enter into his frst covenant with our Lord and Savior - there's nothing more amazing than hearing the waters run in the church font. As I had the opportunity to witness his baptism, I felt filled to the brim with joy for I knew that what he was doing was right and was setting him on an amazing path. So amazing! I wish I could adequately express my feelings, but the right words escape me.
On our way to email this morning, we got a little bit held up. As we were driving, we noticed a young woman sitting in her car, pulled off the road and onto the curb. Everyone was giving her rather nasty looks and just kept driving. Sister Armstrong and I both had a strong prompting that we needed to turn the car around and see if she needed any help. When we finally parked next to her, she looked up at us with such grateful eyes. As it turned out, her car had just ran out of gas and she had three young children in the back seat. She was so stressed and didn't know what to do. Finally, Sister Garzand noticed a near-by car shop, so the three of us left the lady with her kids and made a walk over there. Luckily, the car shop had a gas container and we were able to purchase it and find a gas station to fill up for her.
Yet, as we tried to use the gas can, we quickly discovered none of us could adequately get the nozzle to work! Right then, a random car pulled to the side of the road and a couple of men clambored out and grabbed a large funnel from the trunk of the car. Talking to us in Spanish, we were able to let them know the situation. They quickly unscrewed the gas can and used the funnel to fill up the poor woman's car. As we all walked away, she vehmently thanked us and expressed her profound gratitude.
It was such a blessing to see how the Lord directed many people to this woman's aid right when she needed it most. It was a witness to me that the Lord truly loves each and every one of us and will always give us help.
Anyway, there really isn't a whole lot to report for this week because the holidays somewhat hindered the work from progressing as much as it usually does. Biloxi is great and I feel so blessed to be in a wonderful area like this. I'm beginning to get over the shock of transfers and finding out that I have to learn Spanish (I don't believe I mentioned that in my last letter) and the big city atmosphere. There's nothing else that I wish I could be doing right now than serving my Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I know that this Church is true and that this is the fullness of the Gospel.

All my love,

Sister Sarah Michéle Durrant

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