Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If there's anything I have a testimony of in missionary work - it's of tracting. I know that many missionaries complain about tracting and having to find the investigators themselves. I know that the First Presidency has said it is the least effective of anything you can do in missionary work. Yet, I know that missionaries tract for a reason.
Awhile back, I related a story about tracting into a less-active woman, N. Recently, she came to church and invited us over for dinner the following day. So of course, we went to dinner at her house and she finally told us her story.
"The day before you girls came to my house, I had an awful day at work. I received one of the worst evaluations I'd ever gotten and I was despising work. I didn't want to keep doing my job. It was miserable. I went home and made a post on facebook, basically asking for a miracle. That night, I prayed for the first time in such a long time. I asked Heavenly Father what I should do, where I was supposed to go, and how I could do it. I needed so much help.
"The next day, I decided to stay home from work. Something I'd never done. Then, you two showed up at my door. Y'all didn't even know I lived here. You just knocked on my door and I answered. The one day I was home from work, you came. Right when I needed church, you came. That's a coincidence I cannot deny. The Lord is watching out for me and He wants me back at church. I'm supposed to be there. I may not have a testimony of everything in the church but when I was going, I always knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing. He wants me back at church."
Somehow, the Lord lead us straight to N. when she was home. Right when she needed us most, the Lord had us out on our feet, knocking on doors looking for investigators. Instead, we found someone who was already a member that needed to come back so much. 
I have a testimony of tracting.
A few days later, Sister Devenport and I were tracting in the same neighborhood. After door after door was slammed in our faces, but we kept tracting! I just have to tell this story because it's too hilarious to pass up.
We approached this one house hidden in the woods and knocked on the door (as usual) and waited for someone to answer (typical). Right as we put a pass-along card into the cracks (normal) Jackie swung the door open and started to talk to us. "Alright!" Sister Devenport and I thought, nodding to each other. "We might just have someone here!"
Before we knew it, Jackie started telling us how she was a prophet. How God had sent her a vision to build an altar and place Jesus' body on it. She started then to prophesy for us, saying how we will eventually see God in all His glory, rising from the dirt of the earth. Then, she stared at us with wide eyes and kept telling us how she was to build this altar. She went on and on about how she was going to make a temple, which was going to take 40 years, and in there, she was going to perform sealings, baptisms, and other ordinances. 
Right when she said that, I whipped out the Salt Lake City Temple pass-along card and told her how it took 40 years to build it and that in the temple, we perform the exact ordinances that she named! I was soo excited! Then, Jackie rejected it, saying that she was the one supposed to do it and that God gave her the exact measurements for this temple. 
She went on and on about how she would just sit at the computer and be able to write out all these prophesies all day. The whole time, all I could think about was Professor Trewlaney from Harry Potter. She even looked like her. Even though she rejected our message, I felt as if Heavenly Father told her that missionaries would come to her and talk about the temple and she just got a little confused. All in all, it was a fantastic tracting experience. 
I have a testimony of tracting.
The same day we met Jackie, we tracted into yet ANOTHER less-active member, D'Laun. (That's now 6 less-active members I've tracted into.) He's already back at church and everything now! He's even offered to come to lessons with us and put on a youth fireside!
Needless to say, I have a testimony of tracting.

All my love,

Sister Sarah Michéle Durrant

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