Tuesday, January 21, 2014

100 Things I Learned on My Mission

1. The Spirit does everything in missionary work - you're simply an instrument
2. Bubble wrap solves most problems. 
3. Without Heavenly Father, we couldn't do anything.
4. The most effective way to introduce yourself is a representative of Jesus Christ
5. Backing up mission vehicles makes for a good conversation starter.
6. Missionary work is FUN.
7. Don't worry too much about making a fool of yourself.
8. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has the prettiest sand.
9. If it's not spicy enough, pour Tony's over it.
10. Companions can be your best friend or worst enemy. Make them your best friend.
11. This church is guided by Jesus Christ - not by the government and popular ideals.
12. Don't resist God's will. 
13. Awkward situations make the best stories.
14. You'll almost always laugh about it later.
15. It's alright to think about your family!
16. Journal keeping is inspired and journals make the best treasure.
17. The Mission President is your best friend.
18. Smile!! 
19. A singing missionary is a happy missionary.
20. Members are so very vital in the missionary effort.
21. It's never good-bye forever.
22. Heavenly Father helps out day by day with the tiny tender mercies and miracles
23. Don't pray for a humbling experience - you'll definitely get one.
24. Nothing tastes as good as Mama Z's gumbo.
25. When you skip a day of scripture study, you're always much more grouchy.
26. Pray always. It really does fix things.
27. Make a game out of tracting.
28. Missionaries are probably the farthest from perfect.
29. Go to bed on time every night.
30. What you planned out for the next days will almost never happen.
31. Talking to everyone is really hard.
32. Each time the sun rises is a new day to start over.
33. Don't limit yourself by what you believe is your capacity - the Lord will expand it.
34. The only words that hinder someone's salvation are the words that are left unspoken.
35. You don't know what trials God has asked someone to walk through - don't judge them.
36. If you find yourself incapable of loving someone, list 5 good things about them each day.
37. The easiest dish to eat for dinner is ice cream.
38. You need a lot of hope to serve in the South.
39. Every pass-along card you leave is a little seed. 
40. It's okay to get discouraged once in awhile, as long as you pull yourself back up.
41. The hardest times are the times you are closest to Heavenly Father.
42. Be grateful for each and every day you serve.
43. Write down the tender mercies throughout the day.
44. Nothing is more beautiful than old Mississippi oak trees.
45. There is such a thing as Southern hospitality.
46. What you procrastinated before your mission will come back and bite you.
47. Missionaries don't go on missions to repent - they go to declare repentance.
48. Bible knowledge is invaluable.
49. If a house smells like a sewer - run. They're most likely cooking chillins.
50. The Bible teaches us what Jesus taught. The Book of Mormon teaches us who Jesus is.
51. Patience is the hardest Christlike attribute to attain.
52. You really don't need Facebook or Pinterest.
53. The moments when you need a miracle the most is when Christ provides one.
54. We're often left to figure out answers on our own.
55. Once we've made a decision is when God will step in and help.
56. If you don't know it well enough to explain it to a five year old, learn it better.
57. Dance while tracting.
58. Talk to the Bishop every week. They're all awesome.
59. The Gospel is meant to be simple - don't over-complicate it.
60. Sassy people are the best.
61. Take everything in stride - it'll all turn out.
62. Just because your numbers sucked doesn't mean you suck as a missionary.
63. Doors make the best tables.
64. Carry around pictures of your family and friends everywhere.
65. Just because someone offers you a mint doesn't mean they're trying to hint at something.
66. Be-friend the youth. They all need a good example.
67. You aren't a monk.
68. Wear out your camera.
69. Be devastated when someone rejects the Gospel - it's eternal salvation. But pop right back up.
70. When Elders are bored is when they get into the most trouble.
71. Read and re-read your Patriarchal Blessing and reference it with scriptures.
72. Become a Preach My Gospel missionary.
73. Ask yourself "What would a holy (wo)man do in this situation?"
74. Help the members cook - you'll learn a lot of good recipes that way.
75. Always always always carry your scriptures.
76. Music is an excellent tool for bringing in the Spirit.
77. Your companions receives as much revelation as you do.
78. It doesn't matter if your a District or Zone Leader - you're all missionaries.
79. Don't get competitive with other missionaries - we're all wearing the same jersey.
80. If you don't have a testimony now, get it.
81. Get to know the members of the ward. 
82. Forgive quickly and forgive frankly.
83. Your past doesn't define who you are and who you can become.
84. It truly is always darkest before the dawn.
85. Memorize scripture references weekly.
86. Write your mother!
87. If you didn't take something away from a companion, you're not done yet.
88. Learn how to give improtu talks and lessons.
89. In everything you do, always leave a commitment for someone to draw closer to the Savior. 
90. Just because people worship differently than you don't mean they're a bad person.
91. Always leave your shoes on while in homes.
92. Families really are eternal.
93. The temple is the best place in the world.
94. Live your mission so that you have no regrets when you return.
95. Heavenly Father is helping design our lives and guiding us to where we need to be.
96. Don't give up what you want most for what you want in the moment.
97. Right when you get home, you want to go back.
98. The worst feeling in the world is putting down your name tag for the last time.
99. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is more than real and everlasting. It changes lives.
100. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's kingdom here on Earth today and has been restored to its former glory. It is here because Heavenly Father loves us so much and has provided a way for us to return to Him. It's to sanctify us and to perfect us. It's to give us pure joy. 

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