Monday, October 14, 2013

Fighting to the End

In reality, not much happened this week since Sister Devenport got the flu really bad for two days straight and we were confined to our apartment from Wednesday night until Saturday. Yet, somehow in the midst of it all, we managed to teach 22 lessons and set two baptismal dates.
We met with Angela and Jakira on Tuesday and it was a great great lesson! Yet, since I had a horrid migraine, I wasn't mentally there for the duration of the whole lesson. Which really makes me sad! Yet, as Sister Devenport tells me, somehow, I challenged them both to baptism and asked them to be baptized on November 2. I honeslty don't remember asking anything like that at all. But, apparently, they were both very very eager to be baptized and showed a ton of interest in what we were teaching. I dearly wish I could just recall what happened in that lesson. Yet, it is such a testimony to me that the Spirit truly works through us as missionaries to help Angela and Jakira draw closer to our Father in heaven and His true gospel. He was able to work through me, a simple servant who couldn't think, to bring someone to the waters of baptism. I am so very thankful to be a vessel of the Lord in His great work.
Almost right afterward, we left to go teach Rick and talk to him more about the gospel. Another lesson which I physically cannot recall because I was just so sick through it all. Yet, from hearing what happened, it sounds as if it was a very successful lesson. Rick apparently opened up to us a lot more and was very accepting of all we had to say.
Wednesday was... interesting at best. Since we have the van, I drove all 6 missionaries in our district (Sister Devenport, Sister Harr, Sister Keyes, Elder Martin, Elder Mobley, and I) for an hour to Slidell for a Zone Development Meeting. Once I get onto the freeway, I heard from the back of the van Elder Martin screaming, "I'M BATMAN. I'M BATMAN." And then Elder Mobely starts chimming in, screaming at the top of his lungs how he's Iron Man. Of course, I turn back to see what on Earth was going on and there was the two elders.... With superhero masks on. Fighting each other. And thus was my drive to Slidell. The whole way. Somehow, I didn't kill us all.
After the meeting, all six of us missionaries drove out to Diamondhead (a city in our area) to meet with members. All 6 missionaires. Luckily, no members answered their door so they weren't overwhelmed by the mass. Luckily, there was a huge parade going on up in Diamondhead so we were able to all split up and go find people to teach. Sister Keyes was quick thinking and managed to grab the superhero masks from the elders before we set them lose on the people of Mississippi.
Later that day, Sister Devenport and I got to teach John again. In all honesty, it was a difficult lesson to teach. We mainly focused on the Great Apostasy and the need for a reformation, but he couldn't see it. John started talking about how the Catholic church has had 2,000 years for a firm foundation to build upon as a church and how our church hasn't been around for even 200 years. He then went on to talk about how nothing has changed in his church for the 2,000 years it has been on the Earth. Of course, it took every bit of my self control to not challenge that statement. We urged him with every word we spoke to pray about the Book of Mormon and to continue to study it. We focused on how he could know that there was a restoration needed by reading the Book of Mormon.
Thankfully, John is very genuine and agreed to study it more. I know that he sincerely wants to learn more by the way he asks his questions. He doesn't try to challenge us - he sincerely wants to know the answers so it can help him on his journey. I know that as he continues to read and pray, he will come to know his answers. We're merely guides to help him through it all.
The next two days were very uneventful, as Sister Devenport caught an awful bug and was sleeping the whole day away. It gave me an excellent opportunity to study the gospel more in depth though and just breathe.
I know that the Lord sent me here to Mississippi for a reason. He could've sent me anywhere else in the world - yet He chose to send me here, to the deep deep South. I'm supposed to be here and I am confident that there are people here just waiting for the Gospel. I know without a doubt in my heart that Mississippi is ready to hear the word and to grow in the Church. Now is a time to put on the armor of God and fight. The time is drawing close at hand and the Lord is hastening His work. He is bringing to pass the immortality of man, for it is His work and His glory. It's the final surge, it's zooloo - the last bang before the end. The devil is wrapping up his hands, he's getting ready for the showdown. We've all been reserved for this day and this age because we are fighters. Show him what you've got.
All my love,

Sister Sarah Michéle Durrant

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