Monday, August 5, 2013

My Dear Elders

I thought I'd just tell you a little story of my district. On Wednesday, we had a District Development Meeting. These meetings are held every Wednesday around 10:30 where we talk about what needs to be done to help the work progress. 
When Sister Jones and I came in, there was Elder Mobley lying on the table in the Relief Society room. Elder Green was sitting right behind him, with fake tears pouring down his face. Elder Nelson had a black sheet draped around his shoulders and Elder Christofferson was just wailing and screaming. On the electric piano, they had set it to play "As Sisters In Zion" at a painstakingly slow pace, to the point where it sounded like a funeral dirge. 
Note. I said funeral. Yes. The Elders were holding a funeral for Elder Mobley. 
Elder Green got up and gave a whole speech about how Elder Mobley was a great man and was killed in unforeseen circumstances. They were so deadpan serious about it.
Then, Elder Green pulled a sheet over Elder Mobley's head and asked if anyone else wanted to say a few remarks. At that moment, Elder Mobley rose up, grunting. Elder Nelson promptly attacked him with Nerf darts and ran away.
My dear Elders. They're dorks.

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